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Create Event description

Hi Team, You have exposed create event POST API endpoint, but there is no way to add a description or image URL. Is there any update coming to create event api?

Include Zoom Meeting URL

Can you include the Zoom Meeting URL in the Get Events Hosting API response?

Exclude unlisted events

Can we get a query param to exclude unlisted events or include only published ones for the Get Events Hosting API?

What's the API rate limit?

I can't see the API rate limit in your docs

how to add guests to an event

Hi, there's no documented API for adding a guest. How do I do it?


can you expose an endpoint where we can get the events that a certain email is attending? thank you!

API for past events

Hi team, I was wondering if there is a way for me to post my past events on lu.ma? We have hosted a lot of events but they aren't documented anywhere. So if lu.ma can help in that direction, we might be inclined to use the platform for future events and programs

API endpoint for confirming attendance

Hi there! Do you have any plans of introducing an endpoint for confirming a guest as attended? The use case is that my organization hosts quite a lot of in-person events with 100-200 event signups, but only 50-70% attendance. To find out who actually comes to the event we could try to check peoples tickets at the door, but that is not always feasable. So what we would like to do is to display a QR code around the event area so that people can "self confirm" that they showed up. The QR code would go to our web service to collect info about the guest, and then call your API to mark the guest as attended (not just planning to attend, as accepting a calendar invite would be). Is this making sense? Please let me know if I can clarify something :)

Guest Management

Just evaluating lu.ma for our use case. A few things came up with relation to guest management. - Invite - The docs infer an invite API end point but I can't see a reference to one. - Registration - I can always poll but it would be cleaner to define a webhook (although I know more complicated for you) to notify new registrations. - Update - Our events are restricted but we have a whitelist in another database so would like to update the approval status of guests but I can't see how to do this.

Add ability to capture UTM parameters and attached to registrations

Hello A key blocker to me using you guys is not knowing if I can capture UTM params so I know which channels generated the lead. Ideally we'd be able to put tag manager on the landing and post reg confirmation page and then pass values into hidden fields.