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The Luma API is a JSON-based RESTful API that allows you to read data and take actions on your Luma events and guests. You can create events, embed upcoming events, pull information about guests, and add guests to events.

About the API

  • Base URL:
  • All requests and responses use JSON format


To use the Luma API, you'll need to pay for Luma Plus. See our pricing page.

Create an API Key

To authenticate your requests, you'll need an API key.

You can generate an API key on your Luma dashboard.

Be careful with this API key since it will give full access to your Luma account.

Test Authentication

You will authenticate requests by putting your API key in the x-luma-api-key header field.

Here is an example CURL request to run to check that you are authenticated properly:

​curl -H "x-luma-api-key: $LUMA_API_KEY"